World Cuteness Revolution61fz35jiffS

Manga and anime in Japan have developed from a subculture with a limited fan base into a mainstream culture popular among all generations in the 2000s. But cosplay (dressing up as manga or anime characters) is still frowned upon as an Otaku (people obsessed with anime and manga) activity in Japan.

However, what is surprising to Japanese people in this report is that most of the manga and animation fans in the world enjoy cosplay, and moreover, use the keyword “Kawaii (cute)” to approvingly describe this aspect of Japanese youth culture.


SUZUMIYA Haruhi’sDoldrums51MEZAig6qL

Heroine SUZUMIYA Haruhi’s love for science fiction turns her friend Kyon’s life upside down. This “light novel” was a smash hit since it was first published in 2003. This work spawned various collaborative projectssuch as a manga, anime, video games, etc.

(Light novels target young people; high school students to 30 year olds, and are usually is not serious, can be read for fun, and are characterized by informal language and bizarre settings)



Attack on Titan 1351SFLJl2H+L

In this volume, the past histories of the members who hold the fate of the world in their hands will be revealed.


Attack on Titan Outside51Rcp5wafBL

This is a guide book for Attack on Titan fans. This book includes a story draft which can be used as a reference for aspiring manga and anime artists.


This manga describes one year in the college life of the hero who attends the Faculty of Agriculture and who can see fungus which is usually invisible to the naked eye. Usually, bacteria and fungi are unattractive and unappealing, but in this series they are designed to be cute and have become so popular in fact, that various goods have been produced. This stuffed toy (right) is supposed to represent a kind of red mold “Fusarium vasinfectum”