519Am7-HZ6L   Post-War Political History (In Japanese) A concise and easy book which presents an overall look at Japan’s political history since the beginning of the semi-dictatorial rule of the Liberal Democratic Party after the end of World War II till the handover of power to the Democratic Party in 2009. salaheldin The Day of  Salahuddin   (Japanese Manga) A historical manga which takes place in the 12th century, specifically the time before Salahuddin’s recapture of Jerusalem. It tells the comical story of three elite members of one of the Crusaders’ chivalric orders and their secret intelligence gathering activities. Unfortunately, despite this splendid manga’s name, Salahuddin only appears on a few pages.  index Tales from a Mountain Cave   (in English) The original Japanese version was written by Inoue Hisashi under the title “Shinshaku Tono Monogatari” and published in 1976. This long-selling book was inspired by another book, “Tono Monogatari”, which is a compilation of stories collected and written down by the famous folklorist Yanagita Kunio. Inoue Hisashi’s stories are somewhat different than the original as they include elements of mystery and horror, yet he named his book after the first as a sign of respect and honor.    IMG_1341 Chosen Works of Abe Kazushige (Translated into Arabic by Hassan Kamel) Abe Kazushige is famous for tackling topics characteristic of modern society in a unique writing style in his novels. Mr. Hassan Kamel chose two of his most famous works to translate into Arabic.  (Nipponia Nippon & Individual Projection)