A thesis to obtain a master degree in Applied Arts, Industrial Design specialty was written and submitted by Mostafa Mahmoud Shehata, Assistant Lecturer at the Faculty of Applied Arts, Helwan University.


Mr. Mostafa kindly donated a copy of his thesis to the Japan Foundation Cairo Office Library.



The aim of this research is how to use origami to improve the studying and practicing of industrial design, and the research has included five chapters and every one of them has discussed one or more of the related points between origami and industrial design.

In the beginning, the research discussed the main points about origami; concept, history, types and basics. Then, the research showed a number of origami techniques which are useful in the field of industrial design.

Then, the research discussed the relation between origami and industrial design, especially using origami in design basics, prototyping and product design from sheet materials.

At the end, the research shows a group of applications in different fields to confirm the relation between origami and industrial design.