In December last year, Japanese Cuisine= WASHOKU was designated part of the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. The reason for the designation was mentioned as follows: Washoku uses a variety of ingredients, is attractively served, healthy and is closely related to Japanese yearly events.

Washoku includes many kind of cooking.  In traditional cuisine, it includes food prepared by professional cooks only or food prepared at home but only on certain yearly events.

On the other hand, casual Washoku eaten everyday by Japanese people is varied and includes fast food rich in nutritional value but lacking in appearance, family recipes handed down to mother to daughter, as well as cooking which originated in other countries or cultures but became popular in Japan after some ingredients and flavors were changed to suit Japanese tastes.

This December, our Library events and Exhibition will focus on “Japanese Home Cooking” among the many varieties of Japanese Cuisine. I’d like to explore what the Japanese people eat daily and what are the elements of Japanese cooking, while introducing some Japanese recipes which can make with ingredients available in Egypt.

We will also hold the Japanese Sweets Workshop  ~Mam’s Tasty Cooking ~on Monday December, 2014 from 6 pm, at the Japan Foundation Cairo Office Library. Would you try to taste most famous Japanese sweets of Winter ?(Registration is required. Further information please visit here)



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