The theme for the JFC Library this month is the Japanese Railroad.

This month the year-end examinations will be finished and the summer vacation we have been waiting for so long will begin.

Anyone would be tempted to change their upcoming weekend plans to travel to some faraway place when they see the people gathered at station terminals with their bags on their backs heading on some such trip, or when hearing the strange accents of the many people gathered at train stations while enjoying the smell of coffee wafting from the station coffee shops or when they see the great crowds of travelers heading out on exciting trips or waiting to greet some traveler newly arrived.

On the sales copy of a certain collection of novels revolving around the railway, it is written “The attraction of a railway is much the same as the attraction of reading. It is a way of traveling to an as yet unvisited place.”

Unfortunately, in the JFC we cannot offer coffee, but we can introduce the glamor and fascination of the railway through books, which include fiction and non-fiction, on this subject.

We invite you to board the train “Reverie” and experience long journeys, short journeys and simply as many and varied life journeys as you want.