“The World of Yukio MishimaLover of Beauty


The theme for July at the JFC Library is “Yukio Mishima”, one of the world–famous Japanese writers.  In the Japanese literary circles after the Second World War, there is no author who dwelled on the good old Japanese aesthetics and produced as many richly varied works as did Mishima.  Moreover his technique, particularly his accurate expressions and logical plots, is unequaled in pulling readers into his unique world.


In 1945 Japan underwent the defeat of the Second World War after which Mishima suffered from survivors’ guilt and a sense of emptiness, while he incorporated his personal experiences of frustration, overcoming hardships and success into exceptional novels and plays.  Even now, 45 years after his death, his works are being read, made into films and performed onstage all over the world, and remain a great influence on today’s writers.


It is said that Mishima’s works are generally well-translated because of a lack of ambiguous expressions.  So why don’t you seek out the attraction of Mishima’s writings in English, in Japanese or in Arabic?