The theme for August in the Japan Foundation Cairo Library is “The 70th Anniversary of Defeat in World War Two – Facing the Past”

70 years ago Japan surrendered to the Allied Forces, thereby becoming a defeated country. The long war led to great destruction in Asian countries and forced many sacrifices from Japanese people. There were major air-raids on many Japanese cities which caused massive destruction as did the battles in Okinawa and the two atomic bombs. Out of this mountain of rubble Japan rebuilt itself.

Two years later Japan became the first country in the world to adopt an anti-war constitution. If all mankind pledges to not make war, then we can build a world where we all coexist peacefully. Of course, reality is not as simple as that. It is because Japan has adopted such an idealistic constitution that it has such big political inconsistencies.

Regardless the scale of the war, it is tragic and disastrous, and no matter which war it is, it is a mistake. We should learn from history, so whenever there is a problem we will do our utmost, all of us from citizens to diplomats, to solve it without resorting to armed conflict.

Ever since it was founded, the Japan Foundation has organized and held activities for arts and cultural exchange and the promotion of Japanese language studies and research on Japan. It is thought that artistic and cultural activities, as well as youth exchange, have a role in forging more peaceful international and regional relations. The Japan Foundation has been actively holding activities and events to promote peace since 2008. We will strive for world peace through cultural activities, not forgetting the past no matter how many years pass.


The Library will be open on Saturdays , 8th and 22nd August, 10 am to 4 pm