Who’s your Favorite Singer? from the latest Japanese music scene!

~Let’s Find your Favorite Singer/Band in the latest Japanese Music Scene!~



The Japan Foundation Cairo Office Library’s theme for September is “Let’s Find your Favorite Singer/Band in the latest Japanese Music Scene!”.  We chose this theme because of the internationally acclaimed violinist RYU GOTO’s visit to Egypt to give concerts with the Cairo Symphony Orchestra in Cairo & Alexandria in the beginning of October! .This month, we will introduce the most popular or promising singers & bands from the different genres in the latest Japanese music scene.

When we look for music or videos, it has become usual to use Youtube and Playstore /Applestore these days. But in Japan, the regulations for copyrights are very strict, so maybe you can find only a very few Japanese music videos uploaded on Youtube compared with those of other countries.  Even the purchase of the latest music through download is so difficult because actually the Japanese music industry still conduct sales only through CDs

Yet, in this age the internet has opened borders and removed limits between countries, soon the Japanese music industry will no doubt follow the trend of the world.  Maybe the day will soon come when Japanese music will be popular all over the world like the Japanese animation.


Library Open Saturday September 12, 2015 

Small Workshops for Japanese Games

will be held from 1 p.m. ( Origami, Igo and Shogi)

Trainer: Mr. Mahmoud Salah, Mr. Ahmed Omar

No need for registration + Admission free

Language: Arabic , English and Japanese