Let’s Enjoy Translated Japanese Literature


The theme for October in the Japan Foundation Cairo Library is “Let’s Enjoy Translated Japanese Literature”. In Japan, autumn is called “Reading Season”. But in fact, autumn is not only the best season for reading, it is also called the “Eating Season” and the “Best Season for Arts and Sports” as well as many other titles. Because the days get shorter and the nights colder in autumn, most people prefer to their evenings indoors reading in the warmth rather than spending that time outdoors.

There are many more Japanese books being translated into Arabic these days compared with several years ago and we can easily find many of them lining bookshop shelves. Once a new manga (Japanese comic) has been published online or a new anime screened translations and subtitles in most major languages are uploaded in no time at all. More often than not, the speed with which the translation is uploaded, as well as its accuracy, are surprising.     

As we mentioned, this month the theme of our Library will be Japanese literature translated into Arabic, and we will focus especially on the books translated and published in the last five years through the Japan Foundation Translation and Publication Grant. Moreover, we will present a lecture titled “The Fun of Translation As a Job” to all Japanese language former and current students who aim to use Japanese in the future for research or work. The lecture will be about the challenges, techniques and enjoyment of translation from a language into one’s mother tongue.

Furthermore, there will be a competition, “Biblio Battle”, among the Japanese Language Courses Intermediate – Level 9 students. This competition is part of the Level 9 curriculum, and in it the students will read their favorite Japanese book then write an introduction and their impressions about it. We will pin up their reports on the corkboard in the Library, and all the Library users will get to vote for their favorite report.

Why don’t we really make this autumn the “Autumn of Reading”?


The Library will be open on 10 & 24 October (Sat.)

10th Oct.: There will be origami, igo and shogi mini-workshops. You are welcome to drop by without any reservation.

24th Oct.: Studying day…the JLPT will be held soon. If you would like to study with your friends, or simply end up playing around when you should be studying at home, then our Library is the place for you!