The Japan Foundation Cairo Office Library theme for February is the popularity ranking for anime and manga works in Japan in 2015.

In the anime and manga world, there are works which were issued in one format only – which are in manga form only, or anime form only. On the other hand there are works which began as games and were turned into manga and/ or anime, and other works which were developed as manga and then turned into anime, live-action films or games. Even novels are sometimes turned into anime, etc. In fact, many works have been developed in several formats for commercial purposes.

The fluctuations in popularity between works in the world of anime and manga are considerably fast compared to novels. That is due, of course, to the actions of profit-seeking publishers and distributors, etc.  However, there are many works, such Mobile Suit Gundam and Doraemon, which have gained a stable popularity over many years due to their deep and interesting themes both in Japan and abroad.

We will present to you in the Library this month the most popular manga books and anime posters according to their rankings. But what about Egyptians, specifically our Library users? We would like to know our Library users’ opinions about the works they know, Like and would like to watch or read.

Do the most popular works in Egypt figure in Japan’s popularity ranking list? We have prepared a survey about the works you know/ don’t know/ like/ hate. We would be very glad if you would participate in this survey. And if you don’t yet know much about manga and anime, why don’t you try reading some of the manga in our Library? You might just discover the mystery of its appeal.

Popularity Ranking for Japanese Animation in 2015

From Blu -ray salesMagazine日経エンタテイメント)


1- 機動戦士ガンダム Mobile Suit Gundam جندام
2- ラブライブ Love Live! School Idol Project مشروع النجمات التلميذات
3- Fate/ stay night Fate/ stay night القدر/ستاي نايت
4- うたの ☆プリンスさまっ Princes of Song أمراء الأغاني
The Last ” Naruto the movie”
The Last ” Naruto the movie”
آخر أفلام “ناروتو”
6- 憑物語 Tsuki Monogatari قصة الحيازة تسوكي مونوجاتاري”
8- コードギアス亡国のアキト Code Geass: Akito the Exiled شفرة جياس: اكيتو المنفى
9- 艦隊これくしょん Fleet Collection مجموعة الأسطول
10- Free ! Eternal Summer Free ! Eternal Summer حر ! الصيف الأبدي



Popularity Ranking for Japanese Animation 2

From the theater box office Magazine日経エンタテイメント)


③妖怪ウオッチ Yo-Kai Watch ساعة اليوكاي
④バケモノの子 The Boy and the Beast الفتى والوحش
⑨名探偵コナン The Detective Conann المحقق كونان
Nobita’s Space Heroes
أبطال الفضاء لـنوبيتا
⑫ドラゴンボールZ Dragon Ball Z دراجون بول زد


Popularity Ranking for Japanese Manga in 2015

From Comic book sales (by magazine “ダヴィンチ”)


1 3月のライオン March comes in like a Lion ويأتي مارس مثل الأسد
2 ONE PIECE One Piece وان بيس
3 進撃の巨人 Attack on Titan هجوم العمالقة
4 名探偵コナン Detective Conan المحقق كونان
5 銀の匙 Silver Spoon الملعقة الفضية
6 ハイキュ-!! Haikyu!! (Volleyball) الكرة الطائرة!!
8 宇宙兄弟 Space Brothers إخوان الفضاء
9 暗殺教室 Assassination Classroom فصل الاغتيال
10 ちはやふる Chiharafuru تشيهايافورو