The Exhibition in our library on this month :Fun Teaching Materials for Japanese Language Learners and Biblio Battle by Level 9 Students (Japan Foundation Japanese Language Course)

There will be a competition, “Biblio Battle”, among the Japanese Language Courses Intermediate – Level 9 students. This competition is part of the Level 9 curriculum, and in it the students will read their favorite Japanese book then write an introduction and their impressions about it. We will pin up their reports on the corkboard in the Library, and all the Library users will get to vote for their favorite report.

Library Open: Saturdays 12 & 26 March 2016


Fun Teaching Materials for Japanese Language Learners

“There is no easy road to learning”. Usually one’s effort, patience and motivation are the keys to one’s success.  But 10 years ago learning foreign languages was fraught with difficulties; for example there was a lack of suitable courses for studying different languages, it was difficult to obtain teaching materials and there were few opportunities to communicate with native speaker.


We have often heard professional linguists’ experiences; that they had to approach foreigners on the streets, listen to midnight radio programs from overseas and use imported texts and dictionaries written in a third language.


However, today we have overcome the distances and scarcity of opportunities through the internet, which is one of the strongest tools we have. Thanks to the internet, we can meet native teachers, make friends who especially help our studies and download different texts at home.  Indeed, now we are living in a world where we can easily set up the most suitable circumstances for our studies. Therefore only a strong motivation and its maintenance are required from learners.


Nowadays animation, manga and movies (and videos) are often used for fun learning, but a basic text containing summarized grammar, vocabulary, etc. is also still important for learners in order to confirm and fully understand what they are learning. And also enjoying reading books is a great help for advanced learners to brush up their abilities.


So, the Japan Foundation Cairo office will introduce fun teaching materials this March at the Library and they will be most powerful tools to reinforce the learners’ motivation!