New Arrived Books : Three Arabic Books for Haruki MURAKAMI

Haruki Murakami is a famous Japanese writer and most of his works are best sellers. His works are characterized by easy sentences and many witty & clever sayings, with unsolved riddles and deep meanings behind his main characters’ love affairs, not to mention fantastic occurrences and bizarre happenings. Arabic translations for three of his books are now available in the JF Cairo Library.


Sputnik Sweetheart

This story’s heroine suspects her birth and goes forth to a parallel world to search for her true parents. She returns to the real world and her true relationships due to her boyfriend’s actions. The “trip to another world” is a typical story plot in Murakami’s novels.

Norwegian Wood

The bestselling novel among all Murakami’s works so far was published 29 years ago and is the only one without a “trip to another world”. The main character is consumed with thinking over the reason for which his old romance did not last. Several events and plot points in this story are typical of Japanese literature. For example, heroines who brood on their unscrupulous relationships and the suicides of several characters around the hero.

1Q84 (vol.1)

This is the latest novel by Haruki Murakami. Though it is his first novel to be told in the third person, his characteristic narrative frame is more pronounced and the story itself is even more complicated than in previous works. Namely this novel is a fantasy entertainment novel whose idea adapted from fables. While it denounces some social phenomena such as domestic violence and new religions, it approves of revenge. At the end the author arrives at the conclusion that true love is mankind’s only savior.