Japanese Cuisine: Healthy and Tasty

It is commonly said that Japanese food is healthy & tasty.  However, is this, in fact, true?

Actually Japanese food includes light nutritious food as well as junk food. As for the taste, it depends on each person’s preferences.  So if you want healthy tasty food, you must choose the ingredients and method of preparation, even in Japanese cuisine.

The image of Japanese food as “good for health” originates from the ideas of oriental medicine (Chinese –Japanese medicine). Specifically, the idea that “medicine and food are equally necessary for health”, both for the treatment of illnesses and the preservation of our health.  As the health system in Japan was run according to the ideas of Chinese – Japanese medicine till 150 years ago, a great emphasis was placed on healthy meals in Japanese cuisine.

There is one more reason for widespread idea about Japanese cuisine as primarily healthy.  Buddhism was widely adopted by the majority of Japanese people from the 10th century, and since one of the tenets of Buddhism is the prohibition of eating meat, many people stopped. So vegetables and fish have become the main ingredients of Japanese cuisine in general. Another reason for the belief in Japanese food as healthy is the use of many natural herbs and seasonings in it.

The JF Cairo Library‘s exhibition will be about Japanese cuisine, and especially introducing the essential flavorings and herbs. We will also recipes of easy, tasty and healthy Japanese food with Egyptian ingredients and which you can serve at parties or take in your lunchbox!

* Chinese –Japanese medicine: medication from China and developed in Japan which involves herbal medicine, acupuncture and moxa burning.

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Open Library: Saturdays 14th & 28th  May 2016 10am – 4pm

Small Workshops for Japanese Games:

Saturday 28th May, 2016  from 11am -4pm@JF Cairo Library

Origami, Igo & Shogi

No need for Registration + Admission free

Trainers: Mr. Mahmoud Salah, Mr. Ahmed Omar

Language: Arabic , English and Japanese