Mid-Japan is the region which lies in between the cities of Nara and Kyoto; both were the capitals of Japan at different eras, and Tokyo; which is the capital of Japan since not so long. The history of this region of Japan is extensively mentioned in the Japanese legends. It is also characterized by an exceptional history and a unique culture, and it is considered one of the essential industrial and economic centres in Japan.


The region of mid-Japan is often called “The Beautiful Country” which is aptly named, as it includes outstanding sceneries, delicious food, and rich with religious places where ancient legends are embodied. As for the residents of the region, it is said that they are interested in up-to-date and new things, nevertheless they are not easily lured by any new fashion, as they are determined, calm, and pay attention to minute details thus have the ability to smartly assess the value of an item, with a incisive sense that is not easily fooled.

If we have a glimpse into history, we would find that no city in the region has ever been the capital city, nevertheless, since ancient times this whole region took the responsibility of providing the capital cities with all various products due to its richness in natural resources, industries and versatile handcrafts, which all contributed to mounting the credit of the human knowledge. In addition to its strategic location, where it’s situated on transport & trade routes, numerous great characters – who contributed in changing the course of history in turbulent times – emerged from mid-Japan, thanks to their ability to correctly read the conditions and seize opportunities to exercise power with high tact.

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On the occasion of holding the summit of the seven leading industrial nations (G7) on one of the islands, which is located between the regions of “Ise” and “Shima”, we would like to focus on introducing the Mid-Japan region, which is usually overlooked.