Lecture: Thinking about Peace; on the Hiroshima Atomic Bombing Memorial Day (6th August)


For Peace: Sharing the Experience of an Atomic Bomb Explosion

Just 71 years ago, an atomic bomb was dropped above Hiroshima on 6th August and above Nagasaki on 9th August.  Within a few seconds, hundreds of thousands of people perished in the explosions.  We are used to hearing that, from a political point of view, the atomic bombs had to be dropped on Japan to end the war, but from a humanitarian point of view, the use of the atomic bomb should have been avoided at any cost.

In this way, Japan became the only country to experience an atomic bomb explosion. However, a lot of atomic bomb tests have been carried out from the end of World War II till the 1990’s inside the United States, the Soviet Union and French territories such as Algeria & the Isles of the South Pacific Ocean; so in fact, plenty of people were exposed accidentally to the explosions or to radiation afterwards. But the data has not been made public yet because it is classified by the governments of the countries involved.

After World War II, Japan has enjoyed peace, yet it has come to possess nuclear reactors which make it possible for the country to produce nuclear bombs even though it has experienced firsthand the horrors of the explosion of such a weapon, and regardless of the absence of reliable techniques for nuclear waste processing. Moreover this waste will continue to emit harmful radiations for a hundred thousand years. But recently Japan has been confronted with the difficulties of controlling nuclear power after the extensive damage caused by the nuclear power plant accident in the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011.

The situation in the world these days is getting volatile again due to sales of nuclear reactors despite the lack of necessary operating technology and nuclear arms for short term profits. This world does not need more lives sacrificed for the sake of intimidation or power plays, and humans should learn to live together in peace. So, the Japan Foundation Cairo Office Library theme for August is: Sharing the Japanese Experience of an Atomic Bomb Explosion, to display the evil mistakes repeated by mankind throughout history, and show that any wars are meaningless this tiny planet of ours.


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