The J-pop corner theme for this month will be “Japan: A General Look”.

When we say Japan, a lot of people think about Anime, Sakura and Geisha. However, Japan has way more unknown aspects. We have been introducing specific things about Japan and Japanese culture for months. However, this month we are going to introduce Japan from a more general perspective. It will be like having a glimpse about different things related to Japan such as its history, traditional arts, anime, religions and festivals.

We will be displaying several books about those talking about 10 topics as following:.

1- Annual events: for example, there is a festival on September called “Otsukimi” which means watching the moon. You can find other events and festivals in this book: “A bilingual handbook on Japanese seasonal events”.

2– Zen and culture: Did you know that a Zen monk called “Eisai” is considered to be the father of tea-cultivation and that tea actually symbolizes Zen Buddhism? Well, you can read about all this in “Zen and Japanese culture” book that will be displayed this month.

3- Education: University entrance examinations are more complicated in Japan than Egypt. Even students have to take two exams in order to enter university.

4- society: Have you heard about “Narita airport divorce” or “Kansai airport divorce”? Do you know there are organizations called “funeral undertakers” whose job is to take care of all the details of funeral to give the deceased’s relatives their chance of grieving? Then, you should read “The 100% complete illustrated guide to Japanese system”.

5- Souvenirs: You can learn about different Japanese souvenirs and other things in the book called “Japanese culture introduced in English”.

6- Traditional art: “The complete guide to traditional Japanese performing arts” talks about many arts such as kabuki, noh, kyogen and rakugo.

7-Manga*Anime*Games: There are two versions for this book; Japanese and English. They explain the interaction and inter-relationships among Manga, Anime and games.

8- History: “Cultural History of Japan; a general look” (Arabic version) introduces briefly the culture life through ages. Also, there will be another book called “The famous people in Japanese history with simple English”.

9- Food: “Japanese culture introduced in English” mentioned above also contains a variety of Japanese food such as wagashi, tempura, udon&soba, sushi, sake, bentou and seafood dishes. It shows the technique of cooking and table manners as well.

10- Politics: A lot of politics-related topics such as royal family and democracy are explained in “Japan; a new vision” (Arabic version).

Biblio Battle:

Biblio Battle

Biblio Battle

There will be a competition, “Biblio Battle”, among the Japanese Language Courses Intermediate – Level 9 students. This competition is part of the Level 9 curriculum, and in it the students will read their favorite Japanese book then write an introduction and their impressions about it. We will pin up their reports on the corkboard in the Library, and all the Library users will get to vote for their favorite report. The presentation paper displaying will start on 6th September.

The voting deadline will be on 29th, September

JEN youth Japanese conversation club”3”:14141687_1149422758470789_7790802621550689969_n

There will be a conversation club organized by JEN Youth on3rd of September at Japan Foundation Cairo office, 3rd floor from 12 pm to 3 pm.


Library Open (3rd September):

Small Workshops for Japanese Games (Origami, Igo & Shogi workshop)


Notice: The Japan Foundation Cairo office will be closed during Eid El-Adha holidays.