The J-pop corner theme for this month will be: “Traditional Japanese Crafts”

We are surrounded by utilitarian craft objects that have been brought into being and nurtured within our daily lives.  By making the most of the raw materials of each craft—ceramics, textiles, metal work, lacquer ware, wood and bamboo work, paper, etc.—and contriving to use the techniques appropriate to each, goods have been created that combine ease of use with beauty.

Traditional materials and techniques, rooted in the climate and landscape of every region of Japan, produced both utilitarian craft objects made by the seasoned skills of artisans and art works richly imbued with the creativity of craft artists.  Artisans and artists have influenced each other.  This mutual influence has contributed to the depth and high quality of Japanese crafts as a whole.

We will be displaying this month illustrated books about handcrafts. For example, there will be a book about bamboo in Japan such as baskets, personal accessories and even umbrellas and fans. Japanese people use bamboo to make different and fabulous patterns of baskets and other woodcrafts. One of the most famous techniques for woodcraft is Hakone Marquetry called “Yosegi”. Another Japanese handcraft art is “Washi” which means Japanese paper. The reason it is called “Washi” is to distinguish them from papers produced elsewhere. In addition to paper for writing and painting, Washi is used for a diversity of things including fan, lanterns, toys, sliding shoji panels and even clothing.

This was a brief about Japanese handcrafts but there will be more explanations for each category displayed in front at our library.


Conforming with the library theme a “Japanese Handcraft Exhibition” will be held as following:


6 (Sun.) – 17 (Thurs.) Nov. 2016

Gezira Art Centre

Opening hours: All weekdays (except Fridays):  10am – 2pm & 5pm – 9pm


27 (Sun.) Nov. – 8 (Thurs.) Dec. 2016

Fine Arts Museum – Hamed Oweis Hall

Opening Hours: All weekdays (except Mondays & Fridays) 9 am – 6 pm


18 (Sun.) Dec. 2016  – 5 (Thurs.) Jan. 2017

Assiut University – Faculty of Fine Arts

*Free Entry


*Library Open: 26th of November