JF Cairo now has a new Japanese Language Education Adviser; Mr. Koji IIO

Mr. Joji IKEZU’s assignment came to an end on February 7, 2017.

We would like to thank Mr. Joji Ikezu for all his hard work. And we welcome the newly arrived Mr. Koji IIO.IMG_2046

Here is the  greeting from Mr. IIO.無題

Hello everybody,
I’m Koji IIO, Japanese Language Education Adviser, newly arrived in Cairo on January 2017 as the successor of Mr. IKEZU.
Though I visited Egypt more than ten years ago, only with a view to going to the seaside at that time, so this time I’d like to enjoy life in Cairo, the big city having the richest history.
I look forward to seeing you through the classes, seminars or any other opportunity from now on.