In Japanese Manga or animation, we sometimes read or hear strange expressions: 1- “I’ll give to you with Noshi” or 2-“I would not take it even with Noshi”.  These expressions have been used when characters in Manga or Animation want to give away something they have no need for, or express they would not want it even if it was a gift.  In other words, these expressions mean 1- “I’d like to give it to you as a present”, 2- “I’d never take it even as a free gift”. But what is the Noshi referred to here?  Why does it not just mean a ribbon?


Noshi is dried shellfish narrowly sliced and flattened.  Noshi had been considered a valuable gift in ancient and medieval times, so in present times it has become a symbol of a formal gift. If a gift is presented following Japanese tradition, it is wrapped with “Noshi-gami” which has a miniature Noshi made from origami or a printed Noshi design.


JF Cairo Library’s theme for May is “The Japanese Way of Gifts”. We will introduce the different methods of wrapping (knotting & folding), carrying and presenting of gifts for different occasions in the Japanese way, and the meanings and feelings expressed by the Japanese thereby. We invite you to learn beautiful and special methods of wrapping gifts with us this month.2989646

Library Open
Saturday 6 May & Saturday 20 May 10 am -4pm

Small Workshops (Origami, Igo, Shogi)
Saturday 20 May 10:30 am -4pm