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Prof. Adel Amin with Prof. Dr. El Sayed Yousef El Kady (President of Benha University) and Prof. Abir El-Rabat (Dean of Faculty of Arts)

Students of the department

In October 2016, Benha University has opened Japanese Language Department. Since then, The Japan Foundation Cairo Office is supporting the department by dispatching 1 Japanese teacher aiming at strengthening the education of the Japanese language. This is a report from Professor Adel Amin, Head of the department, about current summary of the department.

Department of Japanese Language at the University of Benha

Adel Amin Saleh

Founder of the Department of Japanese Language and Literature

Faculty of Arts, Benha University


On October 1, 2016, a Japanese language department has been opened in one of the universities representing the Delta Region, and the structurality of literature; University of Benha, in cooperation with the Department of Japanese Language and Literature of  Cairo University, and the Japan Foundation Cairo Office, where The Japan Foundation has dispatched Mr. Yousef Murakami, in order to contribute in the success of the newly emerging department. As well, Dr. Adel Amin Saleh, head of the Japanese language and literature department in Cairo University, has dispatched a number of Japanese lecturers working in the Japanese department of Cairo University, as Ms. Iko Sugai, Mr. Takeutchi Yonosuke, and Ms. Noha Salah, who has worked as a volunteer in the first year and I thank them all for their efforts and painstaking cooperation in order to open the department.

The Department of Japanese Language and Literature of Benha University – which is given full concern by the Dean of the Faculty; Prof. Dr. Abeer Al-Rabbat, since its establishment until now – is characterized by unique characteristics as follows:

  • The department aims at spreading the Japanese language and culture throughout the Delta region of Egypt, which is populated with more than 70% of Egypt’s population.
  • In terms of its work, the department is also different from its peers in other local universities – such as the Japanese language departments of Alsun at both Ainshams and Aswan universities, or even the Faculty of Languages ​​and Translation at Misr International University – it is working according to the bylaw of the Japanese Language and Literature Department of Cairo University. This means that the language is not the ultimate goal in itself; but it is considered as a means of acquiring culture and knowledge concerning the humanities related to Japan, and specialized subjects will be taught in fields of literature, intellect and culture during the four years of bachelor.

Department’s Vision:

The vision of the department is to help the students to attain the educational level of their peers at Cairo University, and to gain the correct knowledge about the Japanese society, so as to be able to contribute in transferring Japan’s expertise for development.

Department’s Mission:

The department aims at preparing and graduating Japanese language students with strong knowledge of the Japanese society, having the ability to read and research in order to enable them to effectively contribute in the society in relevant fields; such fields link Egypt with Japan, such as tourism, media, economic projects,, and the Japanese education project in Egypt.