The Japan Foundation, established in 1972 in Tokyo, is a Japanese public institution dedicated to implementing comprehensive international culture exchange programs throughout the world. To deepen mutual understanding between Japan and other countries and regions, the Foundation conducts various programs in three main fields;

1) Arts and Cultural Exchange
2) Japanese Language Education Overseas
3) Japanese Studies and Intellectual Exchange

Programs are often held in cooperation and partnership with Japanese embassies and consulates, other cultural organizations and Japanese-language or Japanese studies institutions to expand its activities on a global scale. The Foundation also has a global network of 24 overseas branches in 23 countries (as of April 2017) as well as the Tokyo Headquarters, Kyoto Office, and two Japanese Language Institutes in Saitama and Osaka.

Our Cairo Office, which was founded in 1995, is the only branch of the Foundation in the Middle East and Africa. With the objective of serving as a gateway to Japan for people in Egypt and other Middle Eastern countries, Cairo Office organizes a number of cultural and academic projects, and also offers some information services in English and Arabic.

Examples of projects offered in Cairo Office;
1) Arts and Cultural Exchange
– Japanese Film Festivals
– Workshops on Origami, Tea Ceremony, Flower Arrangement, Calligraphy, etc.
– Art Exhibitions
– Stage Performances of Japanese Music

2) Japanese Language Education Overseas
– Japanese language courses in Cairo and Alexandria
– Training programs for Japanese language teachers
– Advisory services for Japanese language learners and teachers
– Japanese Language Proficiency Test

3) Japanese Studies and Intellectual Exchange
– Support programs for Japanese Studies-related Institutions
– Lecture Series
– Fellowship Programs
– Grant Programs

4) Information Services
– Library
– E-Newsletter
– Japanese Book List translated into Arabic