The Japan Foundation supports individuals and organizations that are organizing activities for international intellectual exchange activities through its various Programs. These Programs are carried out in the following three major categories:

1- Art and Cultural Exchange

2- Japanese-Language Education Overseas

3- Japanese Studies Overseas and Intellectual Exchange

All the Grant Programs are offered by the Japan Foundation Head Office in Japan. The role of the Cairo Office is limited to receiving the Application Forms, reviewing them and forwarding them to the Head Office and the responsible Section to have the final decision made.
Please read the General Instruction thoroughly, and then choose the appropriate Program from the Program List. If you find a suitable program, please obtain the application forms. After reading the attached instructions carefully, fill out, and submit the application by the deadline to the specified office.

This program is designed to provide partial assistance to individuals or organizations that are planning projects related to Japanese arts and culture or Japanese studies in Egypt or other Middle Eastern countries. Please read the guideline carefully before submitting your application.

We have Japanese cultural materials for lending aiming at introducing Japanese culture and promoting friendship between Japan and other countries. Please read carefully the guideline and contact for application.