Ono City Hall (Fukui prefecture) began accepting applications for the 10th Echizen-Ono KANSEI-HAGAKI CONTEST. This time’s theme is water (aqua).

-What is Hagaki Art?462124_s

Hagaki (postcard) Art is known in the Japanese culture and it is the art of drawing a certain image on the post card along with a short sentence that carries a message.

-What is this contest about?

The Echizen-Ono KANSEI-HAGAKI CONTEST is an art contest sponsored by Ono City Hall in Ono City, located in Fukui Prefecture in Japan. Anyone can join the contest by creating a piece of art using any material according to the instructions.

Application period: June 1, 2017 – September 30, 2017

For more details about the contest and the instructions please visit the following page.

10th The Echizen-Ono KANSEI-HAGAKI CONTEST: http://kanseihagaki.server-shared.com/english-page.html