We have been receiving many inquiries about studying the Japanese language in Egypt, so we asked Mr. Iio, Japanese Language Education Advisor in the Japan Foundation Cairo Office, to introduce us to ways people can study Japanese in Egypt.  


1.As a major in university

  If you would like to study Japanese, Japanese culture or Japanese society, etc. as a specialty in the future, we recommend that you study the Japanese language as a major in university. The universities in which you can specialize in Japanese language are:

  • Cairo University (Faculty of Arts)
  • Ain Shams University (Faculty of Alsun)
  • Misr University for Science and Technology (Faculty of Alsun)
  • Aswan University (Faculty of Alsun)
  • Banha Univeristy (Faculty of Arts)




2.Study in a Japanese Language School

 For those who would like to learn Japanese as a hobby, we recommend that you check the websites of the Japan Foundation Japanese Language Courses, and private language schools such as Narita Academy.

 The advantages of learning Japanese in such institutions is that you will be taught by experienced teachers using a properly designed curriculum. Moreover, you will be part of a Japanese learners’ community. Studying in a group is more reassuring and fun than studying alone.

 There are also plans to start general courses for non-students in universities, but they have not been implemented yet. Therefore, if you are interested, please keep a close eye on what’s new in universities.




3.Look for a Japanese Teacher

 Through website such as Cafetalk, for example, you can take Japanese lessons given by Japanese teachers while you are in Egypt. There are also many other services available so we recommend checking them out.

 The advantage of using such services is that you can learn Japanese whenever you like while you are at home.




4.Make Japanese Friends

  You can make Japanese friends who can help you out by searching on social media networks, or connecting with the Japanese people who live in Egypt. Chatting a lot while trying to make new friends is also one way of learning Japanese.

 It will take some courage, but if you like talking to people, then challenge yourself and try it.




5.Self-study websites

 Self-study websites have greatly improved compared to the past. You can start and stop whenever you like, so they are a good starting point.

for example: Nihongo no Ki (Japanese online learning website)




6.Study by Listening to Japanese Songs, or watching Dramas and Anime

 For those who are interested in Japan pop culture or traditional culture, please focus on watching, listening to or reading about them. You can listen to only a few songs or read a few things a day, and write down the vocabulary that you don’t know to look it up in a dictionary later.

 It is hard to study Japanese alone, but there are many people who became fluent in Japanese using this method. We recommend this method for those who can focus passionately on one thing. Also if you can find a friend who has the same interest and start speaking in Japanese together, your Japanese will improve rapidly.

I have introduced 6 ways for studying the Japanese language in Egypt. It will be more efficient if you can combine multiple methods rather than sticking to only one. There are also books for studying Japanese in the Japan Foundation Cairo Office Library which are used by people who study Japanese in Egypt.

If you are interested in Japanese, we invite you to start from today!

We hope that your lives become more rich and fruitful through studying the Japanese Language.