“Participating in Tokyo Game Show has always been my dream”14292466_10154375870370767_6791114562295007001_n

As The Tokyo Game Show 2016 was opened on 15th September, an Egyptian woman has realized the dream she has had for many years; which is displaying her creation there.

Ms. Nourhan El-Sherief, who lives in Cairo, works during the day as a game developer at a game manufacturing company, and at night she works on developing a game project called “2024 Studios” which she and 5 other friends of hers had started.

In order to go to Japan, Nourhan studied Japanese language at the Japan Foundation branch, based in Cairo, for 5 years. When she came to Japan on Japan Foundation’s Japanese training program, Ms. Nourhan visited game shops in “Akihabara” and spent a good time there.