Traveling to the “planet” of Japan is a dream for all Japanese language learners. I was one of the lucky girls who were able to travel there and visit many places such as the Fushimi Inari Big Shrine and Kyomizu Temple in Kyoto through a program organized by the Japan Foundation – Kansai International Center.4

I had the pleasure to meet many friends from different branches of the Japan Foundation from all over the world. We had conversations in Japanese and got to know the cultures of other countries. I was also very delighted to spend a whole day with a Japanese family in their Japanese traditional style house in Tajiri district, Osaka. It was one of the wonderful memories that I will not forget.



2Regarding The Kansai Center in Osaka, It is a lovely building overlooking the sea and Kansai International Airport. It has an exceptional garden and several services that you may need, so you can feel comfortable in no time at all as if you have been living there for many years. From there, I got on the plane from Kansai International Airport and I could see Kansai Center with its red lights from the plane. I bid the building goodbye with a long look while wishing to come again.