Ertugrul – Kainan 189015825835_1179553258832950_8472236758432635932_n

(Based on a true story)

Language: Japanese & Turkish + English subtitles

Production year: 2015

Date:         Thursday 19th January 2017

Venue:      Artistic Creativity Centre – Cairo Opera Grounds

*Free admission – please show up early – first come first served basis.

Film based on true story of two key events in Turkish-Japanese relations, which deepened the long historical ties and friendship between the two great nations.

The film comprises two episodes: The Ottoman frigate “Ertuğrul”, on its way home after paying a courtesy visit to the Emperor of Japan, is wrecked in a typhoon, on the coast of Kashino in 1890;

and the evacuation of Japanese nationals from Tehran in 1985, by Turkish flight.

In Ertuğrul episode, the Japanaese doctor, “Tamura”, along with all the villagers, is doing his best to treat the shipwreck survivors, at a time in which Japan had only recently opened itself to the outside world. There are 69 survivors from a crew of 618. Feeling guilty that he has been spared when so many others have not, “Mustafa” – engineering officer – blows up over any trifles. “Tamura”, as the only person in the village who speaks English, bears the brunt of “Mustafa” ’s anger, and eventually shows him how the villagers are carefully polishing the personal items they have salvaged from the wreck so that “Mustafa” can take them back to the families of the crew. “Mustafa” is deeply moved by the kindness the Japanese people show him.

In modern time episode, 1985; almost 100 years after the first episode, during the Iran-Iraq war, a Turkish embassy official managed to provide a rescue flight to the Japanese people trapped in Tehran airport, during a bombing raid by Saddam Hussein.

This is an epic of hope demonstrating how kindness between one person and another can bring about a miracle.