FRTR Exhibition Opening Ceremony

FRTR is a project (by Baad El Bahr, curated by Mashrabia Gallery of Contemporary Art) of public art made with up-cycled materials. The pilot project combines for the first time in Egypt two sensitive topics: the re-use of discarded materials and the attention toward public spaces.

FRTR artists were working over the summer at the realization of the artworks. The artworks are now almost finished and they will be shown to the public in a big group exhibition at the garden of the Swiss Cooperation in Garden City.
*The Opening will be held on 6th November 2016, at 7 pm


The Japanese artist Mr. Shibata had exchanged experiences with FRTR artists during his stay in Egypt. He also discussed the role of art in the environment in a talk event held in JF library.

For more about the talk event


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