Title: “Iaido” Lecture & Demonstration – A Sword-based Japanese Martial Art

By Professor Dr. Shohei Yoshida (Yokohama National University)

(Registration required)

Time: 26th March, from 6 pm

Place: Information and Culture Center, Embassy of Japan

Language: Japanese (with Arabic translation)


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About the Lecturer/Demonstrator:

Professor Dr. Shohei Yoshida (Yokohama National University)

Iaidō 4th dan (All Japan Kendo Federation)

Member of Kanagawa Prefectural Kendo Federation Iaido Department Aoba Branch (Musō-Shinden-Ryū) since 2005

Abstract:  (About Iaido)

Iaidō is the only Budō (Japanese martial arts) where one practices with katana or the Japanese sword. Unlike Jūdō and Karate, which have been well-established in Egypt, Iaidō is yet to be known. In this lecture demonstration, Dr. Yoshida will explain the history, basic techniques and spiritual aspects of Iaidō and shows some kata (forms).