Japan Foundation Cairo Office participation in Maker Faire 2017IMG_1555

JF Booth:


Japan Foundation participated in Maker Faire Cairo 2017 with its Origami booth. Our Origami team consisted of 4 people who introduced this kind of art to children and guided them in making some simple and enjoyable shapes of Origami. The number of children who joined our booth was about 50 kids.IMG_1596IMG_1575

What is Maker Faire?

It is an annual event mainly for Makers in Egypt and the Middle East. Makers range from being electronics lovers to craftsmen, scientists, artists, electronic engineers and handmade crafts makers. Maker Faire aims to spread their innovative ideas and support this community of creative makers.

Maker Faire Cairo 2017:

There were a lot of activities and workshops including drawing, painting, 3D printing, robots and various interesting experiments. Children from orphanages and Syria’s refugees also joined the activities and workshops as visitors.