Free Distribution of Japanese Magazines and Books (Back Numbers)古雑誌市学生_s

** The fair on Saturday 20th May has been cancelled because all the books and the magazines are distributed. Thanks a lot for participating. 

The fair will be opened soon! Good chance to get Japanese books

Date: 18th and 20th  May 2017, 10 am – 5 pm

Place: The Japan Foundation Cairo Office 3rd Floor, Entrance Hall (106 Kasr Al Aini St., Cairo Center Bldg., Gardn City, Cairo)

General Rules:

1) Only for the Library members, the Japanese Language Courses’ students and E-mail magazine subscribers

2) Each person is allowed to get no more than 5 magazines (except Manga/ Animation magazines; only one volume is allowed) and 5 books and 5CDs.

3)Non-members can apply for the library membership during the fair as well.