Cairo Schedule:

Thurs. 22 September 2016

8 pmkiki2016_tour2

At the Cairo Opera House, Small Hall

Tickets available at the Cairo Opera House


Alexandria Schedule: 

Sat., 24 Sept. 2016

8 pm

At the Jesuits Culture Center

Free Entry



Kazutoki Umezu (Clarinet, Sax)

Natsuki Kido (Guitar)

Takeharu Hayakawa (Bass)

Joe Trump (Drums, Percussion)


KAZUTOKI UMEZU “KIKI BAND” is difficult to categorize. It could be considered the newest type of Jazz-Rock, or we can call it progressive rock. But whatever its genre, it is certain that this is avant garde at its best!
They like unusual beats. But basically it must be jazz. The rhythms feels like rock, and the melodies are inspired by ethnic music.
KIKI BAND is composed of 4 powerful members.    
Kazutoki Umezu (Saxophone)
Natsuki Kido (Guitar)
Takeharu Hayakawa (Bass)
Joe Trump (Drums & percussion)

“KIKI BAND” was formed by Kazutoki Umezu in 1999 for a tour to Africa and since that time has been continually surprising the music scene with their creations.

The fact is, the name of the Band; Kiki, was chosen by the African producer of their first tour. It comes from the combination of two words in Swahili, “kipara” which means “clean head” or “bald head” (Umezu is bald) and “kinyonga” which means chameleon, a reference to Umezu’s diverse range of musical expressions which change from rock to enka to jazz, and which include different elements including Middle Eastern music and blues. One of the reasons this band is so special is the band members’ wide experiences in different genres and their experiences in playing with many musicians with different styles and backgrounds.

In 2003 they became known by all over the world for their success at the Moers Jazz Festival (Germany).
They toured in Europe (Germany, Poland, France, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Italy, Lithuania, Slovenia, Croatia, etc.), America (Canada and the U.S.A) , Russia, Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa), Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Korea) and Japan.

They were also invited to participate in various festivals such as the Saalfelden Jazz Festival (Austria), Leipzig Jazz Festival (Germany), “Jarasum International Jazz Festival” in Korea , “Zappanale” in Germany  and “Kuala Lumpur International Jazz Festival’ in Malaysia, etc.

They released 9 albums and 1 DVD for the 2013 live recording at Zappanale Germany


The  Jesuit cultural center in Alexandria

The Jesuit Cultural Center is a non-profit organization that started its mission in 1954 with the Jesuit convent library that provided to the Alexandrian society many other cultural services beside the information services. Through years the library with the open spaces of the convent became a youth cultural hub, so in 2001 and with the opening of the Garage Theatre it became one of the most attractive and popular cultural centers in the city.

The center offers most of its services, activities, shows & workshops for  free, and it offers its services to a wide public, disregarding their gender, age, race or religion.

The activities of center deal with many artistic expressions; filmmaking, fine arts, music, theater, poems, and many others