Yoshitsune_with_benkeiLecture about Japanese Literature:

 “Yoshitsune, Hero of the Tragedy ~ a Medieval Samurai’s life”

Saturday18 March, 2017 from 6:30pm @ JF Cairo, 3F, Entrance Hall

(Japanese with Arabic Translation)

Prof. Moritoshi KOIDO (Otsuma Women’s Univ. in Japan) will give a lecture titled “Yoshitsune, Hero of the Tragedy”DSC04151小井土

Prof. KOIDO has been invited to Egypt to give intensive lectures about Japanese literature (especially literature of medieval ages) and to teach Post graduates of the Japanese Language Department of Cairo Univ. about writing theses and carrying on researches.

Dr. Ahmed Fathy

Interpreter into Arabic: Prof.Dr. Ahmed Fathy (Cairo University)


Yoshitsune, Hero of the Tragedy

What are Japanese People Impressed With?

In the end of the 12th century, while Japan was in the middle of civil war, there was a general who disappeared as suddenly as he appeared on the stage of Japanese history regardless of his many eminent military exploits.  His name was Minamoto no Yoshitsune.  Many discourses were written about him in famous works from that period, including“Gikei-ki”, “The Tale of Heike” and “The Tale of Heiji”. “Gikei-ki” especially portrayed him as a legendary figure, and that portrayal has had a strong influence not only on the image of Yoshitsune but also the image of the Japanese hero in general.

In this lecture, I will talk about the fascination of Yoshitsune:

  1. Affection for his Mother ~ Boyhood
  2. Benkei, His Partner
  3. Like a Road Film
  4. For his brother
  5. The Bond Between Lord and Vasasl