“Women in Japan and MENA*: Reflections from the visit to Japan”

Lecturer: Dr. Shadwa Esmat A. Hassan (Assistant Professor, Department of Public Administration, Faculty of Economics & Political Science, Cairo University)

Date:     Thursday 11/5/2017

Time:     6:00 pm. (start @ 6:30 pm. )

Venue: JF Cairo 3rd Fl.


Dr. Shadwa visited Japan through the Japan Foundation’s “Middle East and North Africa Group Invitation Program 2016”; or “MENA Young Leaders” Program under the theme: “Women Empowerment” from 26th February to 10th March 2017.

In the lecture she will talk about her experiences in Japan on that occasion.

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“Middle East and North Africa Group Invitation Program”

The Japan Foundation invited a number of promising young leaders to visit Japan, in order to become familiar with the cultures and concepts of value in Japan and exchange their perspectives with other participants from Arab nations and Japan through workshops, lectures, group dialogues, public panel discussions and field trips to provincial cities under certain themes, hence forming a bridge between Japan and other Arab countries for stronger ties.