Six Egyptian young men are visiting Japan in a 10-day-trip in the framework of the Japan Foundation’s
Middle East and North Africa Group Invitation Program 2015”; or “MENA Young Leaders” Program, from 6th to 15th March 2016.

The Japan Foundation has invited a number of promising next generation’s young leaders, in order to become familiar with cultures and concepts of value of Japan and exchange their perspectives one another among participants from Arab nations and Japan through workshops, lectures, group dialogues, public panel discussions and field trips to provincial cities under a certain theme. In this way, they’ll have the opportunity to know the Japanese society, and the problems Japanese people are facing nowadays, hence form a bridge between japan and other Arab countries for stronger ties.

In order to fulfill this aim, the selections have been confined to certain circles of interest: media relevant workers, social entrepreneurs, cultural workers, NGO or NPO workers, people involved in religious education and government officials, who have a professional interest in Japan and have not engaged professionally in Japanese studies.

Theme of the program’s trip this time is “Coexistence”: (Revitalization in regions and rural areas,Urban environment)

The guests of the trip to japan in alphabetical order are:4_AHMA~36_AHME~2Anas Sultan-Ayman Abderraheem-Photo5_IBRA~1Waleed Abdullah-Photo

Ahmad Abukhalil                 founder of Ida’at – CEO of O2 for media training

Ahmad Hamza Abdelmugheeth       azhari researcher

Anas Sultan                                      founder of Sheikh Al-Amoud integrated knowledge school – teacher of Sharia sciences

Ayman Abderraheem                       engineer, founder of Ma’arefa team and other cultural groups

Ibrahim Abdelwahab                         Parliament Member – as representative of El-Mariyeen El-Ahrar party in Alexandria.

Waleed Abdullah                 engineer – basic founder for Resala NGO


  • we are keeping in touch with them all through their trip in Japan, by following their post on facebook…stay tuned with our FB page & group !