Talk Event: Role of Art in the Environment: the Way of Yodogawa Technique


Speaker: Hideaki SHIBATA (Yodogawa Technique)023_yodotech_unochinu1_small

Date: Tuesday 16th August, 2016  6pm – 8pm

Venue: The Japan Foundation Cairo Office Library

Language: Japanese with Arabic interpretation

Mr. Hideaki SHIBATA (Yodogawa Technique) will participate in the “From Rag to Riches” project organized by Baad El Bahr for Cultural Development.  After personal exchanges and discussion between Yodogawa Technique and the artists participating in the project, Mr. Shibata will find ways to collaborate with them.

In the Talk Event, he will discuss the role of art in protecting the environment and his Art Unit, Yodogawa Technique’s works and efforts thus far.


Mr. Shibata_Yodogawa techniqueMr. Hideaki SHIBATA’s Profile:

He was born in 1976 in Okayama Prefecture, and lives in Tottori Pref.

After his graduation from Osaka Bunka Fashion College, he began the art unit “Yodogawa Technique” with Kazuya MATSUNAGA in 2003 based on the Yodo-gawa riverbank in Osaka. They make their art works with garbage and drift.  He has also been working on various activities as an individual artist such as projecting exhibitions and workshops.

He is also a lecturer at Kyoto University of Art and Design, a mountaineer and mushroom fancier

Yodogawa Tecnique:

“From Rag to Riches” Project :11002503_606884719446734_8613795945345247068_n

FRTR is a project (by Baad El Bahr, curated by Mashrabia Gallery of Contemporary Art) of public art made with up-cycled materials. The pilot project combines for the first time in Egypt two sensitive topics: the re-use of discarded materials and the attention toward public spaces.

Link for FRTR:

Yukari Art: Mr. Shibata is helping FRTR project in Cairo:



To read about Mr. Shibata’s diaries in Egypt:

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