The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan and the Japan Foundation will launch the Eleventh Japan International MANGA Award and begin to accept entries for the Award.

11th manga awards

Entries will be accepted as follows:

(1) From Friday, March 17th to Friday, June 16th 2017.

(2) Entries need to be sent to Japanese diplomatic missions abroad (excluding permanent missions) or the P.O. Box of the Eleventh Japan International MANGA Award.

Prize: The Gold Award and the Silver Award winners will be invited to Japan on the occasion of the award ceremony for around 10 days as a supplementary prize

Conditions of Entry: Eligible MANGA works need to be composed of more than 16 pages. Both published and unpublished works are eligible to apply, excluding the past winning works of Japan International Manga Awards (see the link below for further conditions)

Details for the guidelines on the application can be found on the web site of The Japan international MANGA Award

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