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What do you expect to the future of Japan? The Japan Foundation Cairo Office conducted Skype testimony with one of the survivors of the nuclear bombs at Hiroshima in cooperation with Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum on middle of June. Prof. Dr. Maher El Sherbini would deliver a lecture about Hiroshima and interpret this Skype testimony. You could understand “what happened in real at the moment of the nuclear bombs”, “how he could survive and have lived his life afterward” and “what he thinks about the war and the United States”.

Title: Voice of Survivor “What Happened At The Moment Of Nuclear Explosion”

Date: 5th July, 6:00pm (around 1 hour and half)

Place: 3rd floor, the Japan Foundation Cairo Office

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Maher El Sherbini (Cairo University, Faculty of Arts)


  1. Keynote Speech (Prof. Dr. Maher El Sherbini)
  2. Video Testimony from Survivor Mr. Yamamoto (Recorded only for this event)
  3. Video Q&A Session to Mr. Yamamoto (Questions from Egypt)
  4. Q&A Session to Prof. Dr. Maher El Sherbini

* This day will be the last day of Hiroshima & Nagasaki Poster Exhibition that is held at same venue.